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The First Look

We’re already halfway through my favorite month of the year!  I feel like I’m constantly saying this, but I can’t believe how quickly the year is moving!  The gorgeous, colorful leaves are out in full force right now, and I am loving all of the beautiful autumn wedding photos I keep seeing popping up on my news feed!  Easily some of my favorites of these photos are the ones of the first look.  First looks are something I get asked a lot about- specifically, what exactly is a first look, and why should you do one?  The first look is when the couple gets to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, before the ceremony.  The biggest reason I recommend doing a first look is that it ensures adequate portrait time.  Weddings are extremely hectic days, and things can easily tend to run late.  When they do, the first thing that tends to get eaten up is portrait time.  But these photos are so important and ones that you are going to cherish forever!  (And also one of my very favorite parts of the day hehe!)  By doing a first look, you have more time for portraits of just the two of you set aside to ensure that you are getting those special moments captured!  Here’s a preview of Casey and Nate’s first look from their beautiful Richmond wedding, coming soon to a blog near you! ;) Happy Wednesday, everyone!

The suspense…


…aaaand the reveal :) Think he was excited to see her?!


Absolutely LOVE this one :)



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